IMG_4008Over 15 years of teaching experience.  Jenny is available for private lessons, clinics, and camps.  


SKYPE LESSONS:  Jenny.Leigh.Obert

TEACHING LOCATIONS:  East Nashville, Donelson, Other

BEGINNER STUDENTS need a solid start in selecting an instrument and forming their goals and interests. They will learn bow and fingerboard technique and familiarize themselves with historical recordings and repertoire. We will emphasize both ear training and reading music.

INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS are often on the verge of breakthroughs in their bowing and fingerboard technique. They are developing their tone vocabulary, which includes bow speed, bow pressure, point of attack. Ear training becomes second nature, and students will begin to organize their musical mind by learning to break down the tunes into phrases for speedy learning and retention. Other areas are double stops, rhythm, theory, and repertoire.

ADVANCED STUDENTS have mastered technique and generally know where they want to go with their lessons. Topics of interest may include arrangements, performance, accompaniment, improvisation, contest preparation, classic repertoire, theory, style, composition, songwriting, recording sessions, and artist development.


Tuition covers monthly lessons and is due on the 1st and late after the 5th of each month, subject to a late fee.  Bring a recording device and a notebook.  The weekly schedule is often too full to allow makeup lessons at this time, so please utilize your scheduled time.   In the event that you are granted a makeup lesson, the credit must be used by the end of that month.  At home, you need a tuner, music stand, metronome, and a folder.

Reaching a satisfying level of comprehension and musicianship involves developing discipline, love for playing, and technical skills. My goal is for students is for them to acquire the necessary tools and background to cultivate their musical voice, ultimately performing and creating music that reflects their personality.

Each student and I fine-tune technique while covering standard learning material. We build upon this material to gradually and naturally reach melody-based improvisation.

We work together to develop a repertoire centered on the student’s interests and classics. I suggest that students attend local performances, festivals, camps, jams, and listen to recordings of great violinists/fiddlers.

The ultimate goal is to become a well-rounded, self-motivated musician who is committed lovingly to their craft.”

Best wishes, Jenny Leigh Obert (512) 773-0184 or jennyfiddle@yahoo.comIMG_0884


PS-Remember, everyone starts somewhere!