Old time music=meditation

I’ve been playing a lot of old time fiddle with David McLaughlin on clawhammer banjo, over at the Nancy Shepherd House Inn in Winchester, VA. Lots of playing, not much talking, and intensely enjoyable sessions. A couple of David’s originals linger in my head…Rockbridge and My Pretty Orchid are my favorites right now.

About a month ago, I wandered (in a car) over to the Nancy Shepherd House to see Old Sledge on the back patio for a house concert. The music was wonderful. The band sang and played beautifully, and had a very enjoyable energy. After the show, we had a small gathering in the parlor, where friend Tara Linhardt joined us on guitar for awhile, then David sat for a few tunes after Tara took off. Finally, Chance and I managed to stay up until 5 with two fiddles.

I drove back to Middleburg and proceeded to cook breakfast for eleven folks up at the farm around 7 that morning, still going off the energy from the awesome jam. By the way, Chance McCoy and the Appalachian String Band cd, which I acquired at the end of the evening, is a well-produced, lovely collection of performances.

It was good to see Old Sledge again, a few weeks later, as we shared a bill with them at the Waterford Fair, Waterford, VA (1st weekend in October). The singing and playing in this nice three piece is highly recommended for ears of all ages and dispositions. Its just one of those things thats good for ya, like green tea. Everybody needs old time.